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Out Of The Woods Design | Thank You!
Out Of The Woods Design Sign Parties — Creating Pinterest worthy signs with the help of an instructor and stencils.
Sign and Sip Parties, Signs, Wood Stain, Stencils, Parties, Home Decor, Creative Crafts
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Thanks for filling out our application to join the Out of the Woods Family.


We have a tonne of fun around here and are glad you found us!  *virtual high-five!*


You may be wondering, “What exactly is this company and what can they do for me?”.  Well, read on my friend!


This company was founded 2 years ago by Brittany.  A former Dental Hygienist turned crafter.  We have grown across Canada since then and have over 50 ladies hosting parties with us!  Amazing!


We pride ourselves on doing things a bit different around here.  We want to make starting your own business FUN  and EASY!  We are here with you every step of the way – from setting up your Facebook page to celebrating your successes, we are here for it all!


We also know that to be successful, you need a good population of customers.  For this reason, we limit the amount of hosts we have in an area so that each and every one of our hosts has the best chance for success!


So, what exactly do we do?


We host many different kinds of parties

  • sign
  • pillow
  • tote bag
  • fundraisers
  • kids birthday
  • bachelorette
  • corporate events


You’re also welcome to make and sell signs, attend vendor shows and sell “take-and-make” kits.


You will make 50% commission plus bonuses.


Here is a general breakdown for a party of 15 based on our most popular $45 12×16 sign.

15x$45 = $675

+1 free stencil = $45



Wood Cost = $40

Stencil and supply cost from OOTW = $337.5

Shipping = $20

PROFIT: $322.5


Not bad for a 3 hours of work, eh?  Now imagine hosting parties of 50+ people!


Now, when I speak to some people they have the same concerns, “I’m not crafty!  Can I still do this?”  Absolutely!  In your Host Kit you will have practice stencils.  After you use those, you’ll be a pro!

You can see how easy the process is here


So, how does it all work?


You sign up with us and become Out of the Woods __town name__ with __name__ and purchase a Host Kit.


Host Kit

6 Branded Aprons

24 Branded 8z Paint Bottles

15 Squeegees

15 Tweezers

50 Business Cards

8 Scissors

8 Tape Measures

8 Sanding Blocks

1 Stain and Paint Example Board Stencils

2 Practice Stencils

1 Custom Logo Stencil

1 Pillow Case and Pillow Stencil


You create a Facebook Page and book events.  We help you with marketing and how to advertise so if you’re new to this, don’t worry!  We gotchu!


When your guests sign up they pay you directly.  That means no waiting to get paid and having inventory sitting on your credit card!  You will have the money before you go on our website to order your stencils and supplies.

When you order your stencils we send you everything you need for the party – table cloths, trash bags, gloves, wipes, sponges and hangers.

Unfortunately, due to the cost of shipping we cannot ship wood so that would need to be sourced locally.  You can however purchase tote bags and pillow cases through us at $2.5/pc.

We also offer bonuses – *Buy 10 Get 1 FREE* /  *Buy 100 stencils in 1 Month and Get $100 Bonus*  /  *Boy 250 Stencils in 1 Month and Get $300 Bonus*



See what our hosts have to say about working with us!



I’m feeling really thankful that I joined OOTW last April. We are currently on our way home from the Montreal airport and an amazing vacation at the Hard Rock in Punta Cana, DR. Although this vacation was booked prior to my joining OOTW, my Sign and Sips paid for the entire trip! A 4.5 star vacay for a family of 4!! We work hard and look forward to our March Break vacations every year, but this year we’re proud of all of our extra sign work that made it possible. #signandsip #jointeffort #hubbyprepsthewood #goals#rewards



I joined Brittany  six months ago on this adventure and dove right in! I have had my ups and downs in my personal life but this business has kept me focused! I worked my ass off for this and I am happy to announce I reached my first goal….a new vehicle for our family! I was able to put $6,000 down on this beauty! I watched my business account grow while having a blast! Thanks to Brittany and Amanda Price for all their help and support. I can’t wait to see what the next six months will bring!