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Out Of The Woods Design | Out of the Woods with Kelly
Out Of The Woods Design Sign Parties — Creating Pinterest worthy signs with the help of an instructor and stencils.
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Out of the Woods with Kelly

Today we are featuring an ID who has been with us from our very early days. She is a full time teacher and together with her mother, are a dream #SignAndSip team! Kelly is from Kingston and will be sharing about her experience since joining our team.

Why did you sign up to become an ID with OOTW?

People ask me this all of the time! I think the main reason was to get out of the house and to meet people. I like social events and I enjoying planning and organizing get togethers and vacations, so this combined those interests with a way to make some extra money. I also really liked the fact that I could decide how many events to offer each month and set my own schedule. I am also a full time teacher, wife and mom of 2 teenagers, so this was very important to me.


Had you attended a Sign and Sip party before deciding to join the team?

I attended a party hosted by Out of the Woods Perth with Melissa. This was on a Tuesday evening and by Friday at noon, Out of the Woods Kingston with Kelly was created!

How has being an ID impacted your life?

Being an ID has impacted my life in a lot of ways! First of all, it’s allowed me to meet so many people and I can honestly say that I have repeat customers who I consider to be friends of mine when I see them. It’s definitely impacted how busy I am, but as a result, I feel that I’m more organized. It’s also given me more freedom financially.

What have you learned about yourself since starting your own business?

That I’m a good multi-tasker! I think I already knew that since I’m a teacher, but I juggle a lot more balls each week now.

What has been unexpected about being an ID?

How busy my business became last summer and fall kind of surprised me. I knew it would be a popular activity, but to maintain my desired schedule (a perk of the job – can limit the number of parties) I had to say no to a lot of people. I learned that I’m not good at saying no and that I want to please the customer.

What has been your favourite aspect of being an ID?

My favourite aspect of being an ID is meeting new people and never getting tired of the finished product. I absolutely love seeing how creative people are and how many different variations of the same sign are possible just by changing stain and paint colours.

How has the financial aspect of being an ID worked for you?

It’s been fantastic! I’ve definitely made more than I anticipated.

Share with us a favourite story from a party:

My favourite story is the time a customer applied her stencil to another person’s board and had started painting! They were the same size, but one was stained grey and the other barnboard. The funny thing was that they were both doing the same stencil! Thankfully this happened at a home party, and after an exchange of some colourful language and laughs, we painted over the first coat of paint and the sign was saved. However, the “sign stealer” will probably never live it down.

Any final thoughts?

I can honestly say that a year later that I am still so happy that I joined Out of the Woods. I look forward to my events and enjoy the prep work ahead of time. I have enjoyed cyber meeting the other IDs, the support and seeing the creative ideas for new stencils and workshops.


If you’re in the Kingston area and would like to book a party with Kelly, you can click here to connect with her.


Never been to a party before? Check out this video to see what it’s all about. With over 400+ stencil designs for boards and pillows, you’ll find the perfect one just for you.