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Out Of The Woods Design | Join Our Team
Out Of The Woods Design Sign Parties — Creating Pinterest worthy signs with the help of an instructor and stencils.
Sign and Sip Parties, Signs, Wood Stain, Stencils, Parties, Home Decor, Creative Crafts
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We have the BEST job!


Do you love being creative?  Are you looking to make some extra money while doing something you actually enjoy?

Well, read on my friend… You have come to the right place!

“What is a Painting Party anyway?”, you ask…

A group of ladies come together, sip (or chug – we don’t judge!) their favourite drink and while you walk them through creating their own unique hand-crafted Pinterest worthy sign, pillow or tote bag. We provide stencils so even the most “artistically challenged” or tipsy person in the room goes home with…

Something they actually WANT to hang on their wall.

We have over 400 options, seasonal stencils and offer custom designs so it NEVER gets old. The best thing about these parties is that they’re FUN! Tonnes of fun! So once someone has come to one party…

…they tend to book more parties!

Download the PDF guide all about becoming an Independent Distributor. It’s filled with helpful tidbits so that you can make the right choice for you.


We will be with you every step of the way from setting up a Facebook Page to printing off business cards so that you feel confident and prepared to fly solo hosting events.

So how are we different from most Direct Sales companies?

-You are not required to carry stock.

-You don’t order until you’ve been paid!

-You have the owner of the company guiding you and training you. And once you’re part of the team, we treat you like family and are with you ever step of the way!

-We offer 50% commission plus bonuses

We are excited to be accepting applications across Canada! If you think you have what it takes to build a stellar business while having a ton of fun – book a call, fill out our application and we will contact you!

How Will You Earn Money?

We host Sign & Sip Parties. With our help, guests create beautiful lasting signs on wood. These can be public events held in restaurants or private in-home parties. Restaurants are normally thrilled to have you host in their venue as you’re bringing in guests.

Tickets are sold for $40-60 and you earn 50% of ticket sales! For a party of 30, you can expect to earn $560. A party of 45 for can earn up to $845.

We also sell “take and make kits” for those guests who can’t make it to an event. They purchase a kit from you and you provide them with a link to our video!

Branded Paints x24
Branded Aprons x16
Host Aprons x1
Scissors x8
Sanding Blocks x8
Measuring Tapes x8
Roll of Transfer Tape x1
Screw Drivers x15
Tweezers x15
Squeegees x15
Stack of Business Cards x1
Custom Business Logo Stencil x1
Practice Stencils x2
Paint & Stain Stencils Extra
Pillow Stencils Your Choice
Pillow Case Black or White
Tote Stencil Your Custom Logo
Tote Bag Black or Natural

What’s so great about being a distributor for Out of the Woods?

You can work your own hours!

Amazing customer-service; we are here to help you learn and grow!

We are a family-oriented company

You don’t have to carry stock!

Incentives (gifts) for different sales levels reached

A distributor Facebook page where you can interact with other distributors

A fabulous community of women to learn from!

Earn a generous income!

Here what our current ID’s have to say about their experience

I had been looking for stuff to go out and do for months with the ladies. I was introduced to your Sign and Sip nights and fell in love. It’s a win-win, I get out of the house, hang with ladies and of course the odd man and make some extra cash at the same time.” – Amanda Rae


Why did I become a distributor? For me personally, it was to do something creative as a stress reliever with the often hectic lifestyle that we all have become so accustomed and acclimatized to.
I work with and meet a variety of people on a daily basis. My background has always been in a customer-facing role.
With “Out of the Woods Sign and Sip parties” I can help people unwind and enjoy a stress-free evening creating a piece of art that they are proud to display on their wall.
Imagine having someone compliment or ask where you bought that sign and being able to say, “I made that!”
To see the smiles on people faces’ holding their creations after the Sign and Sip events are just as rewarding to me as it is to them.
I became a distributor because I love the end product and I enjoy helping people. This venture marries the two together.” – Cathy


For me, it was my kids. I really needed a career that allowed me to be at home more for my children. They are only little for a short time. This business opportunity has allowed me to do just that. My first event was amazing and I was only gone for four hours total and my husband had the boys. I can make in one night what I would make in four shifts with my job at the county. I’m so, so happy! No babysitter, no 6 am departure, no shift work and guess what? I’m doing what I love? Event planning and crafting!” Melissa